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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Jewell Loyd (background)
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Loyd shot 46.4% (eFG) on clutch2 field goals, compared to a league average of 37.5%:

Win Probability if:
2021-05-22SEA 100 DAL 97OT1 1:11SEA 94 DAL 952PT0.3340.5820.248MAKELoyd Driving Layup Shot: Made
2021-06-04DAL 102 SEA 105OT1 0:38DAL 102 SEA 1002PT0.1540.4290.275MAKELoyd Layup Shot: Made
2021-06-04DAL 102 SEA 105OT1 0:00DAL 102 SEA 1023PT0.4940.9940.500MAKELoyd 3pt Shot: Made
2021-06-22WAS 87 SEA 83Q4 0:17WAS 85 SEA 833PT0.1210.6550.534MISSLoyd 3pt Shot: Missed
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95Q4 1:41SEA 80 LVA 812PT0.3560.5700.215MAKELoyd Jump Shot: Made
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95Q4 1:08SEA 82 LVA 832PT0.3310.5840.253MISSLoyd Pullup Jump shot: Missed
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95OT1 1:45SEA 86 LVA 862PT0.4820.6780.196MAKELoyd Turnaround Fadeaway shot: Made
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95OT1 0:00SEA 92 LVA 953PT0.0030.4780.474MISSLoyd 3pt Shot: Missed
2021-07-02ATL 88 SEA 91Q4 0:39ATL 86 SEA 872PT0.6680.8800.211MISSLoyd Driving Floating Jump Shot: Missed
2021-07-02ATL 88 SEA 91Q4 0:37ATL 86 SEA 872PT0.6710.8830.212MAKELoyd Tip Layup Shot: Made
2021-08-15SEA 85 CHI 87Q4 0:22SEA 79 CHI 792PT0.4770.8100.333MISSLoyd Driving Layup Shot: Missed
2021-08-15SEA 85 CHI 87OT1 0:00SEA 85 CHI 872PT0.0000.4860.486MISSLoyd Driving Layup Shot: Missed
2021-08-18SEA 79 NYL 83Q4 0:41SEA 79 NYL 792PT0.4770.7750.298MISSLoyd Putback Layup Shot: Missed
2021-08-27CHI 73 SEA 69Q4 0:52CHI 70 SEA 673PT0.0970.4300.333MISSLoyd 3pt Shot: Missed