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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Anthony Davis (background)
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Davis shot 62.5% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2015-11-22PHX 116 NOP 122Q4 0:54PHX 109 NOP 1093PT0.4640.8580.393MAKEDavis 25' 3PT Jump Shot
2015-11-25NOP 120 PHX 114Q4 0:22NOP 112 PHX 1122PT0.4560.7980.342MISSMISS Davis 1' Tip Layup Shot
2015-11-25NOP 120 PHX 114Q4 0:21NOP 112 PHX 1122PT0.4550.7980.343MAKEDavis 2' Tip Layup Shot
2015-12-04CLE 108 NOP 114Q4 0:45CLE 101 NOP 1002PT0.2880.5920.304MAKEDavis Dunk
2015-12-12NOP 94 CHI 98Q4 0:57NOP 94 CHI 942PT0.4650.7400.275MISSMISS Davis 6' Driving Hook Shot
2015-12-25NOP 88 MIA 94Q4 1:47NOP 72 MIA 722PT0.4700.6900.220MISSMISS Davis 16' Jump Shot
2015-12-25NOP 88 MIA 94Q4 0:01NOP 78 MIA 782PT0.4820.9210.439MISSMISS Davis 20' Jump Shot
2015-12-26HOU 108 NOP 110Q4 2:14HOU 108 NOP 1082PT0.4730.6660.192MAKEDavis Alley Oop Dunk
2016-01-15CHA 107 NOP 109Q4 0:02CHA 107 NOP 1072PT0.4800.9290.450MAKEDavis Alley Oop Dunk
2016-02-10UTA 96 NOP 100Q4 0:59UTA 92 NOP 922PT0.4660.7380.272MAKEDavis 5' Driving Floating Jump Shot
2016-03-02NOP 95 HOU 100Q4 0:28NOP 95 HOU 973PT0.1310.6080.478MISSMISS Davis 26' 3PT Jump Shot
2016-03-11NOP 114 MEM 121Q4 0:58NOP 97 MEM 972PT0.4660.7390.273MAKEDavis Cutting Dunk Shot