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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Giannis Antetokounmpo (background)
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Antetokounmpo shot 36.4% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2022-10-29ATL 115 MIL 123Q4 1:15ATL 111 MIL 1122PT0.6210.8290.208MAKEG. Antetokounmpo 1' Putback Dunk
2022-10-29ATL 115 MIL 123Q4 0:50ATL 113 MIL 1142PT0.6390.8650.225MAKEG. Antetokounmpo 10' Turnaround Fadeaway Bank Jump Shot
2022-11-23CHI 118 MIL 113Q4 1:35CHI 106 MIL 1072PT0.6080.8080.200MAKEG. Antetokounmpo 18' Pullup Jump Shot
2022-12-11MIL 92 HOU 97Q4 0:55MIL 90 HOU 922PT0.1760.4100.234MAKEG. Antetokounmpo 2' Driving Layup
2022-12-28MIL 113 CHI 119OT1 0:18MIL 113 CHI 1152PT0.1170.3810.265MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 13' Fadeaway Jumper
2023-01-04MIL 104 TOR 101Q4 0:00MIL 97 TOR 972PT0.4950.9750.480MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 5' Alley Oop Layup
2023-01-04MIL 104 TOR 101OT1 0:41MIL 101 TOR 1012PT0.4600.7690.309MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 18' Pullup Jump Shot
2023-02-02LAC 105 MIL 106Q4 1:24LAC 105 MIL 1062PT0.6150.8180.203MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 3' Driving Layup
2023-02-02LAC 105 MIL 106Q4 1:22LAC 105 MIL 1062PT0.6170.8210.204MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 1' Putback Layup
2023-02-02LAC 105 MIL 106Q4 1:11LAC 105 MIL 1062PT0.6240.8340.210MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 18' Turnaround Fadeaway Shot
2023-03-04PHI 133 MIL 130Q4 1:03PHI 124 MIL 1252PT0.6290.8440.215MISSMISS G. Antetokounmpo 3' Turnaround Hook Shot