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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Collin Sexton (background)
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Sexton shot 15.0% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2019-11-25BKN 108 CLE 106Q4 0:07BKN 106 CLE 1063PT0.4590.9390.480MISSMISS Sexton 27' 3PT Jump Shot
2019-12-11HOU 116 CLE 110Q4 1:54HOU 107 CLE 1052PT0.2420.4240.182MISSMISS Sexton 8' Floating Jump Shot
2020-01-02CHA 109 CLE 106Q4 0:00CHA 109 CLE 1063PT0.0010.4880.487MISSMISS Sexton 40' 3PT Jump Shot
2020-01-07DET 115 CLE 113Q4 0:03DET 114 CLE 1132PT0.1180.7600.642MISSMISS Sexton 9' Driving Floating Jump Shot
2020-01-09CLE 115 DET 112OT1 0:39CLE 110 DET 1102PT0.4600.7730.313MISSMISS Sexton 3' Driving Layup
2020-02-03NYK 139 CLE 134Q4 0:33NYK 127 CLE 1243PT0.0630.3930.330MAKESexton 25' 3PT Jump Shot
2020-02-03NYK 139 CLE 134OT1 1:37NYK 131 CLE 1322PT0.6070.8060.199MISSMISS Sexton 1' Driving Finger Roll Layup
2020-02-05CLE 103 OKC 109Q4 2:19CLE 98 OKC 992PT0.3670.5480.181MISSMISS Sexton 2' Layup
2020-02-05CLE 103 OKC 109Q4 1:54CLE 98 OKC 992PT0.3490.5550.206MISSMISS Sexton 1' Driving Layup
2020-03-08SAS 129 CLE 132Q4 0:23SAS 114 CLE 1142PT0.4560.7970.341MISSMISS Sexton 1' Layup