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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for James Harden (background)
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Harden shot 77.3% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2020-12-26HOU 126 POR 128Q4 0:38HOU 111 POR 1132PT0.1460.3960.250MAKEHarden 1' Driving Layup
2020-12-26HOU 126 POR 128Q4 0:21HOU 113 POR 1132PT0.4550.7980.343MISSMISS Harden 2' Layup
2020-12-26HOU 126 POR 128OT1 0:38HOU 120 POR 1233PT0.0690.3960.327MAKEHarden 26' 3PT Step Back Jump Shot
2020-12-26HOU 126 POR 128OT1 0:15HOU 123 POR 1253PT0.1080.6240.516MAKEHarden 25' 3PT Step Back Jump Shot
2021-01-18MIL 123 BKN 125Q4 1:55MIL 117 BKN 1162PT0.3490.5540.205MAKEHarden 9' Driving Floating Jump Shot
2021-01-18MIL 123 BKN 125Q4 0:41MIL 123 BKN 1223PT0.2820.7690.487MISSMISS Harden 26' 3PT Jump Shot
2021-01-20BKN 135 CLE 147Q4 0:27BKN 113 CLE 1133PT0.4570.9030.446MISSMISS Harden 28' 3PT Step Back Jump Shot
2021-01-27BKN 132 ATL 128Q4 0:04BKN 116 ATL 1163PT0.4660.9560.490MISSMISS Harden 26' 3PT Step Back Jump Shot
2021-02-16BKN 128 PHX 124Q4 0:31BKN 123 PHX 1243PT0.2680.7870.519MAKEHarden 27' 3PT Pullup Jump Shot
2021-03-13DET 95 BKN 100Q4 1:37DET 92 BKN 922PT0.4690.6990.230MAKEHarden Driving Layup
2021-03-26BKN 113 DET 111Q4 2:06BKN 106 DET 1062PT0.4720.6730.201MAKEHarden 6' Floating Jump Shot