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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for A'ja Wilson (background)
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Wilson shot 28.6% (eFG) on clutch2 field goals, compared to a league average of 37.5%:

Win Probability if:
2021-06-05LVA 96 WAS 93Q4 0:41LVA 90 WAS 902PT0.4770.7750.298MAKEWilson Putback Layup Shot: Made
2021-06-25LVA 89 MIN 90Q4 0:32LVA 80 MIN 822PT0.1440.4300.286MISSWilson Driving Layup Shot: Missed Block: Fowles
2021-06-25LVA 89 MIN 90Q4 0:04LVA 80 MIN 822PT0.0810.4350.354MISSWilson Jump Shot: Missed Block: McBride
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95Q4 1:52SEA 80 LVA 792PT0.3630.5660.204MISSWilson Layup Shot: Missed Block: Stewart
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95Q4 0:29SEA 84 LVA 842PT0.4780.8020.324MISSWilson Layup Shot: Missed
2021-06-27SEA 92 LVA 95OT1 2:03SEA 86 LVA 862PT0.4840.6670.184MISSWilson Jump Shot: Missed
2021-07-07PHO 99 LVA 90Q4 1:04PHO 80 LVA 782PT0.2010.4320.231MAKEWilson Pullup Jump shot: Made