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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Andrew Wiggins (background)
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Wiggins shot 55.6% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126Q4 1:53MIN 108 BKN 1092PT0.3480.5550.207MISSMISS Wiggins 22' Step Back Jump Shot
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126Q4 1:48MIN 108 BKN 1092PT0.3440.5570.213MAKEWiggins 5' Floating Jump Shot
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126Q4 1:31MIN 110 BKN 1122PT0.2180.4210.203MAKEWiggins 3' Driving Finger Roll Layup
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126Q4 0:29MIN 115 BKN 1152PT0.4580.7910.333MISSMISS Wiggins 18' Step Back Jump Shot
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126Q4 0:00MIN 115 BKN 1153PT0.4950.9980.502MISSMISS Wiggins 26' 3PT Turnaround Jump Shot
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126OT1 1:19MIN 123 BKN 1242PT0.3240.5740.250MAKEWiggins 1' Driving Layup
2019-10-23MIN 127 BKN 126OT1 0:52MIN 125 BKN 1242PT0.6370.8610.224MAKEWiggins 7' Driving Floating Jump Shot
2019-11-08GSW 119 MIN 125Q4 0:05GSW 110 MIN 1082PT0.0550.4070.351MAKEWiggins 1' Driving Layup
2019-11-10DEN 100 MIN 98Q4 0:12DEN 90 MIN 903PT0.4530.9170.464MISSMISS Wiggins 27' 3PT Pullup Jump Shot