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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Domantas Sabonis (background)
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Sabonis shot 42.9% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2022-12-28DEN 126 SAC 127Q4 0:55DEN 124 SAC 1242PT0.4650.7430.278MAKESabonis 1' Dunk
2023-01-07LAL 136 SAC 134Q4 1:34LAL 130 SAC 1302PT0.4690.7010.232MISSMISS Sabonis 1' Cutting Layup Shot
2023-01-21PHI 129 SAC 127Q4 0:02PHI 129 SAC 1272PT0.0280.4480.420MISSMISS Sabonis 4' Tip Layup Shot
2023-02-08SAC 130 HOU 128Q4 0:09SAC 127 HOU 1282PT0.1970.6670.470MISSMISS Sabonis 5' Putback Layup
2023-02-11DAL 128 SAC 133Q4 0:37DAL 114 SAC 1122PT0.1440.3960.251MAKESabonis 3' Putback Layup
2023-03-03LAC 127 SAC 128Q4 0:38LAC 125 SAC 1242PT0.2780.5990.321MAKESabonis 1' Reverse Layup
2023-03-20SAC 120 UTA 128Q4 2:19SAC 115 UTA 1162PT0.3670.5480.181MISSMISS Sabonis 5' Hook Shot