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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Liz Cambage (background)
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Cambage shot 54.5% (eFG) on clutch2 field goals, compared to a league average of 37.5%:

Win Probability if:
2019-06-25SEA 56 LVA 60Q4 1:30SEA 55 LVA 532PT0.2370.4400.203MISSCambage Pullup Jump shot: Missed
2019-06-25SEA 56 LVA 60Q4 0:49SEA 55 LVA 552PT0.4770.7560.279MISSCambage Driving Layup Shot: Missed
2019-06-29IND 97 LVA 102OT1 2:06IND 92 LVA 912PT0.3710.5620.192MAKECambage Cutting Layup Shot: Made
2019-06-29IND 97 LVA 102OT1 1:34IND 94 LVA 932PT0.3510.5730.222MAKECambage Cutting Layup Shot: Made
2019-06-29IND 97 LVA 102OT1 1:04IND 94 LVA 952PT0.6320.8300.198MAKECambage Layup Shot: Made
2019-07-10LVA 74 IND 71Q4 0:51LVA 68 IND 682PT0.4770.7510.274MAKECambage Driving Layup Shot: Made
2019-07-13LVA 85 WAS 81Q4 1:33LVA 75 WAS 752PT0.4810.6880.207MISSCambage Layup Shot: Missed
2019-07-13LVA 85 WAS 81Q4 1:32LVA 75 WAS 752PT0.4810.6890.208MAKECambage Layup Shot: Made
2019-08-09CHI 87 LVA 84Q4 1:42CHI 83 LVA 822PT0.3560.5700.213MISSCambage Jump Shot: Missed Block: Parker
2019-08-20PHO 79 LVA 84Q4 1:31PHO 73 LVA 712PT0.2380.4400.202MISSCambage Jump Shot: Missed
2019-08-20PHO 79 LVA 84Q4 0:22PHO 73 LVA 712PT0.1300.4300.300MAKECambage Layup Shot: Made