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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Tina Charles (background)
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Charles shot 30.0% (eFG) on clutch2 field goals, compared to a league average of 37.5%:

Win Probability if:
2019-05-24IND 81 NYL 80Q4 0:38IND 79 NYL 782PT0.2890.6260.337MISSCharles Jump Shot: Missed
2019-06-04LAS 78 NYL 73Q4 1:52LAS 71 NYL 692PT0.2580.4460.188MISSCharles Hook Shot: Missed
2019-06-04LAS 78 NYL 73Q4 0:29LAS 74 NYL 713PT0.0650.4310.366MISSCharles 3pt Shot: Missed
2019-06-15NYL 98 LAS 92Q4 1:43NYL 87 LAS 882PT0.3570.5690.212MISSCharles Layup Shot: Missed
2019-06-28DAL 68 NYL 69Q4 1:11DAL 68 NYL 683PT0.4790.8180.339MISSCharles 3pt Shot: Missed
2019-07-03NYL 84 SEA 83Q4 1:31NYL 80 SEA 812PT0.3490.5740.225MAKECharles Step Back Jump shot: Made
2019-07-03NYL 84 SEA 83Q4 1:01NYL 82 SEA 832PT0.3230.5910.268MAKECharles Hook Shot: Made
2019-07-03NYL 84 SEA 83Q4 0:27NYL 84 SEA 832PT0.6870.9000.213MISSCharles Layup Shot: Missed
2019-07-05NYL 80 PHO 76Q4 0:51NYL 76 PHO 762PT0.4770.7520.274MAKECharles Jump Shot: Made
2019-07-20LAS 78 NYL 83Q4 0:36LAS 75 NYL 762PT0.6730.8850.212MISSCharles Turnaround Bank Hook Shot: Missed