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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Kelsey Mitchell (background)
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Mitchell shot 28.6% (eFG) on clutch2 field goals, compared to a league average of 37.5%:

Win Probability if:
2018-06-02NYL 87 IND 81Q4 0:12NYL 69 IND 692PT0.4750.8190.344MAKEMitchell Running Finger Roll Layup Shot: Made
2018-06-02NYL 87 IND 81Q4 0:03NYL 71 IND 713PT0.4830.9540.470MISSMitchell 3pt Shot: Missed
2018-06-02NYL 87 IND 81OT1 1:35NYL 77 IND 762PT0.3510.5720.221MAKEMitchell Driving Layup Shot: Made
2018-06-02NYL 87 IND 81OT1 0:53NYL 79 IND 793PT0.4770.8510.373MISSMitchell 3pt Shot: Missed
2018-06-08DAL 89 IND 83Q4 1:27DAL 79 IND 792PT0.4800.6940.213MISSMitchell Driving Finger Roll Layup Shot: Missed Block: Diggins-Smith
2018-06-08DAL 89 IND 83Q4 1:02DAL 79 IND 792PT0.4780.7290.251MISSMitchell Driving Layup Shot: Missed
2018-06-10IND 75 NYL 78Q4 0:01IND 75 NYL 783PT0.0090.4650.456MISSMitchell 3pt Shot: Missed