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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Arike Ogunbowale (background)
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Ogunbowale shot 30.8% (eFG) on clutch2 field goals, compared to a league average of 37.5%:

Win Probability if:
2019-05-24DAL 72 ATL 76Q4 0:35DAL 71 ATL 743PT0.0710.4300.358MISSOgunbowale 3pt Shot: Missed
2019-05-24DAL 72 ATL 76Q4 0:17DAL 71 ATL 743PT0.0500.4280.378MISSOgunbowale 3pt Shot: Missed
2019-06-26CON 73 DAL 74Q4 1:23CON 70 DAL 693PT0.3430.6980.355MAKEOgunbowale 3pt Shot: Made
2019-06-28DAL 68 NYL 69Q4 0:51DAL 68 NYL 682PT0.4780.7510.273MISSOgunbowale Driving Floating Jump Shot: Missed
2019-06-28DAL 68 NYL 69Q4 0:20DAL 68 NYL 693PT0.2650.8110.546MISSOgunbowale 3pt Shot: Missed
2019-06-28DAL 68 NYL 69Q4 0:07DAL 68 NYL 692PT0.1450.7540.609MISSOgunbowale Pullup Jump shot: Missed
2019-06-28DAL 68 NYL 69Q4 0:01DAL 68 NYL 693PT0.0460.9250.880MISSOgunbowale 3pt Shot: Missed
2019-06-30MIN 86 DAL 89Q4 1:28MIN 82 DAL 812PT0.3460.5750.228MISSOgunbowale Floating Jump shot: Missed
2019-06-30MIN 86 DAL 89Q4 0:53MIN 84 DAL 813PT0.0980.4300.332MAKEOgunbowale 3pt Shot: Made
2019-07-17DAL 64 PHO 69Q4 1:18DAL 62 PHO 622PT0.4800.7040.224MISSOgunbowale Driving Floating Jump Shot: Missed
2019-08-10DAL 80 PHO 77Q4 0:46DAL 75 PHO 772PT0.1690.4290.259MAKEOgunbowale Jump Bank Shot: Made
2019-08-16NYL 77 DAL 83Q4 1:18NYL 73 DAL 712PT0.2230.4360.214MISSOgunbowale Driving Layup Shot: Missed
2019-08-25ATL 77 DAL 73Q4 1:30ATL 71 DAL 712PT0.4810.6900.210MISSOgunbowale Jump Shot: Missed