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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Julius Randle (background)
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Randle shot 22.7% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2021-01-18ORL 84 NYK 91Q4 0:56ORL 81 NYK 812PT0.4650.7420.277MAKERandle 1' Driving Finger Roll Layup
2021-02-09NYK 96 MIA 98Q4 1:17NYK 94 MIA 942PT0.4690.7160.247MISSMISS Randle 16' Jump Shot
2021-02-09NYK 96 MIA 98Q4 0:10NYK 96 MIA 972PT0.2040.6560.452MISSMISS Randle 10' Fadeaway Jumper
2021-02-27IND 107 NYK 110Q4 1:25IND 103 NYK 1042PT0.6150.8170.203MISSMISS Randle 14' Turnaround Fadeaway Shot
2021-03-21PHI 101 NYK 100Q4 1:00PHI 86 NYK 852PT0.3080.5840.276MISSMISS Randle 2' Layup
2021-03-21PHI 101 NYK 100Q4 0:06PHI 88 NYK 853PT0.0220.4000.378MAKERandle 3PT Jump Shot
2021-03-21PHI 101 NYK 100Q4 0:01PHI 88 NYK 883PT0.4820.9750.494MISSMISS Randle 27' 3PT Jump Shot
2021-03-21PHI 101 NYK 100OT1 0:01PHI 101 NYK 1002PT0.0550.8400.785MISSMISS Randle 18' Jump Shot
2021-03-31NYK 101 MIN 102Q4 0:11NYK 101 MIN 1022PT0.2110.6470.436MISSMISS Randle 14' Step Back Jump Shot
2021-04-05NYK 112 BKN 114Q4 0:00NYK 112 BKN 1142PT0.0080.4880.480MISSMISS Randle 18' Pullup Jump Shot
2021-04-09MEM 129 NYK 133Q4 0:17MEM 113 NYK 1122PT0.2400.6190.379MISSMISS Randle 8' Turnaround Fadeaway Bank Jump Shot