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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Harrison Barnes (background)
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Barnes shot 72.2% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2020-12-23SAC 124 DEN 122OT1 0:06SAC 120 DEN 1222PT0.0620.4000.339MAKEBarnes 4' Running Layup
2020-12-23SAC 124 DEN 122OT1 0:00SAC 122 DEN 1222PT0.4950.9750.480MISSMISS Barnes 4' Running Dunk
2021-01-11IND 122 SAC 127Q4 1:57IND 115 SAC 1162PT0.5960.7840.189MISSMISS Barnes 2' Driving Layup
2021-02-07SAC 113 LAC 110Q4 0:58SAC 107 LAC 1062PT0.6330.8510.219MAKEBarnes Tip Layup Shot
2021-02-26SAC 110 DET 107Q4 1:08SAC 101 DET 1012PT0.4680.7270.259MAKEBarnes 2' Driving Dunk
2021-03-03LAL 120 SAC 123Q4 0:30LAL 120 SAC 1192PT0.2670.6070.340MAKEBarnes 2' Driving Layup
2021-03-27CLE 98 SAC 100Q4 0:00CLE 98 SAC 973PT0.0150.9750.960MAKEBarnes 26' 3PT Turnaround Jump Shot
2021-04-21MIN 125 SAC 128Q4 1:53MIN 119 SAC 1172PT0.2410.4230.183MAKEBarnes Tip Layup Shot
2021-04-25SAC 113 GSW 117Q4 0:02SAC 113 GSW 1153PT0.0280.8290.801MISSMISS Barnes 27' 3PT Step Back Jump Shot