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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Harrison Barnes (background)
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Barnes shot 31.8% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2019-11-01UTA 101 SAC 102Q4 0:02UTA 101 SAC 1002PT0.0640.8290.765MAKEBarnes 2' Tip Layup Shot
2019-11-15SAC 97 LAL 99Q4 0:02SAC 97 LAL 992PT0.0280.4480.420MISSMISS Barnes 2' Driving Layup
2019-11-30DEN 97 SAC 100OT1 2:01DEN 95 SAC 962PT0.5940.7790.186MISSMISS Barnes 14' Fadeaway Jumper
2019-11-30DEN 97 SAC 100OT1 0:52DEN 95 SAC 962PT0.6370.8610.224MAKEBarnes 7' Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot
2019-12-06SAC 104 SAS 105OT1 1:59SAC 102 SAS 1022PT0.4710.6790.208MISSMISS Barnes 19' Step Back Jump Shot
2019-12-09SAC 119 HOU 118Q4 1:15SAC 110 HOU 1103PT0.4690.8290.360MAKEBarnes 3PT Pullup Jump Shot
2019-12-09SAC 119 HOU 118Q4 0:47SAC 113 HOU 1132PT0.4620.7570.295MISSMISS Barnes 6' Driving Floating Jump Shot
2019-12-26MIN 105 SAC 104Q4 0:00MIN 90 SAC 902PT0.4950.9750.480MISSMISS Barnes 4' Alley Oop Layup
2019-12-28PHX 112 SAC 110Q4 0:21PHX 109 SAC 1072PT0.1220.3850.263MISSMISS Barnes 3' Driving Layup
2019-12-28PHX 112 SAC 110Q4 0:02PHX 112 SAC 1103PT0.0280.8290.801MISSMISS Barnes 25' 3PT Jump Shot
2020-01-13ORL 114 SAC 112Q4 0:00ORL 114 SAC 1122PT0.0080.4880.480MISSMISS Barnes 5' Fadeaway Jumper