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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Fred VanVleet (background)
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VanVleet shot 35.7% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2020-12-26TOR 114 SAS 119Q4 0:02TOR 114 SAS 1173PT0.0180.4480.430MISSMISS VanVleet 24' 3PT Jump Shot
2020-12-29TOR 93 PHI 100Q4 1:31TOR 91 PHI 932PT0.2180.4210.203MISSMISS VanVleet Running Layup
2021-01-10TOR 105 GSW 106Q4 1:13TOR 103 GSW 1022PT0.6230.8310.209MISSMISS VanVleet 3' Driving Layup
2021-01-10TOR 105 GSW 106Q4 0:45TOR 103 GSW 1042PT0.2880.5920.304MAKEVanVleet 16' Pullup Jump Shot
2021-02-19TOR 86 MIN 81Q4 0:58TOR 81 MIN 813PT0.4660.8510.386MISSMISS VanVleet 25' 3PT Running Pull-Up Jump Shot
2021-03-19UTA 115 TOR 112Q4 0:20UTA 112 TOR 1103PT0.1200.6150.494MISSMISS VanVleet 27' 3PT Pullup Jump Shot
2021-05-06WAS 131 TOR 129Q4 0:02WAS 115 TOR 1123PT0.0180.4480.430MAKEVanVleet 27' 3PT Pullup Jump Shot