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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Ish Smith (background)
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Smith shot 31.2% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2016-11-21HOU 99 DET 96Q4 0:19HOU 96 DET 952PT0.2470.6160.369MISSMISS Smith 1' Reverse Layup
2017-03-30BKN 89 DET 90Q4 0:28BKN 86 DET 843PT0.1310.6080.478MAKESmith 25' 3PT Jump Shot
2017-03-31DET 105 MIL 108Q4 1:15DET 93 MIL 932PT0.4690.7190.250MISSMISS Smith 16' Jump Shot
2017-04-05TOR 105 DET 102Q4 0:43TOR 102 DET 1002PT0.1550.3990.245MISSMISS Smith 18' Jump Shot
2017-04-07DET 114 HOU 109Q4 1:28DET 103 HOU 1052PT0.2150.4210.206MISSMISS Smith 2' Layup
2017-04-07DET 114 HOU 109Q4 1:02DET 105 HOU 1072PT0.1850.4150.229MAKESmith 19' Pullup Jump Shot
2017-04-12DET 109 ORL 113Q4 1:23DET 103 ORL 1052PT0.2100.4210.211MISSMISS Smith 21' Pullup Jump Shot
2017-04-12DET 109 ORL 113Q4 0:36DET 106 ORL 1093PT0.0670.3950.328MISSMISS Smith 25' 3PT Jump Shot