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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Arron Afflalo (background)
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Afflalo shot 10.0% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2012-11-25BOS 116 ORL 110Q4 2:00BOS 100 ORL 1002PT0.4710.6780.207MISSMISS Afflalo 2' Alley Oop Layup
2012-12-23UTA 97 ORL 93Q4 1:05UTA 92 ORL 902PT0.1890.4160.227MISSMISS Afflalo 3' Jump Shot
2012-12-23UTA 97 ORL 93Q4 0:22UTA 92 ORL 902PT0.1230.3860.263MISSMISS Afflalo 12' Jump Shot
2012-12-26NOH 97 ORL 94Q4 0:59NOH 95 ORL 942PT0.3070.5840.277MISSMISS Afflalo 15' Running Jump Shot
2012-12-26NOH 97 ORL 94Q4 0:39NOH 95 ORL 942PT0.2800.5980.318MISSMISS Afflalo 2' Layup
2012-12-31MIA 112 ORL 110Q4 0:14MIA 99 ORL 992PT0.4530.8110.358MISSMISS Afflalo 12' Pullup Jump Shot
2013-01-09ORL 105 DEN 108Q4 1:47ORL 99 DEN 993PT0.4700.7950.326MISSMISS Afflalo 26' 3PT Jump Shot
2013-01-24TOR 97 ORL 95Q4 0:22TOR 95 ORL 933PT0.1230.6130.490MISSMISS Afflalo 25' 3PT Jump Shot
2013-03-04ORL 105 NOH 102Q4 0:38ORL 99 NOH 1002PT0.2780.5990.321MAKEAfflalo 11' Turnaround Jump Shot
2013-03-06ORL 96 MIA 97Q4 0:00ORL 96 MIA 973PT0.0150.9750.960MISSMISS Afflalo 40' 3PT Jump Shot