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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Scottie Barnes (background)
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Barnes shot 41.7% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2022-11-19TOR 122 ATL 124Q4 1:06TOR 109 ATL 1093PT0.4680.8400.373MISSMISS Barnes 3PT Jump Shot
2022-11-19TOR 122 ATL 124Q4 0:01TOR 111 ATL 1112PT0.4820.9210.439MISSMISS Barnes Cutting Layup Shot
2022-11-19TOR 122 ATL 124Q4 0:00TOR 111 ATL 1112PT0.4950.9750.480MISSMISS Barnes Tip Layup Shot
2022-12-16BKN 119 TOR 116Q4 0:36BKN 113 TOR 1122PT0.2750.6010.326MAKEBarnes 3' Driving Bank Hook Shot
2023-01-04MIL 104 TOR 101OT1 1:31MIL 99 TOR 992PT0.4690.7030.234MISSMISS Barnes 7' Turnaround Hook Shot
2023-01-04MIL 104 TOR 101OT1 1:02MIL 101 TOR 992PT0.1850.4150.229MAKEBarnes 7' Driving Hook Shot
2023-01-16TOR 123 NYK 121Q4 1:01TOR 104 NYK 1062PT0.1840.4140.230MAKEBarnes 2' Layup
2023-01-16TOR 123 NYK 121Q4 0:30TOR 107 NYK 1072PT0.4580.7890.331MISSMISS Barnes Driving Layup
2023-01-19TOR 126 MIN 128Q4 1:09TOR 124 MIN 1262PT0.1940.4180.224MAKEBarnes 1' Driving Dunk
2023-02-05TOR 106 MEM 103Q4 0:20TOR 102 MEM 1032PT0.2500.6150.365MAKEBarnes 8' Driving Hook Shot
2023-02-10UTA 122 TOR 116Q4 1:43UTA 115 TOR 1143PT0.3410.6930.353MISSMISS Barnes 3PT Jump Shot
2023-03-06TOR 113 DEN 118Q4 0:50TOR 113 DEN 1142PT0.2960.5880.293MISSMISS Barnes 6' Driving Layup