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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for Donovan Mitchell (background)
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Mitchell shot 0.0% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2018-10-19GSW 124 UTA 123Q4 1:29GSW 122 UTA 1212PT0.3310.5680.236MISSMISS Mitchell 4' Layup
2018-10-19GSW 124 UTA 123Q4 0:07GSW 122 UTA 1232PT0.7480.9390.191MISSMISS Mitchell 23' Pullup Jump Shot
2018-10-19GSW 124 UTA 123Q4 0:00GSW 124 UTA 1233PT0.0150.9750.960MISSMISS Mitchell 24' 3PT Jump Shot
2018-11-16UTA 107 PHI 113Q4 1:15UTA 107 PHI 1072PT0.4690.7190.250MISSMISS Mitchell 13' Floating Jump Shot
2018-12-02UTA 100 MIA 102Q4 1:45UTA 97 MIA 983PT0.3420.6920.350MISSMISS Mitchell 26' 3PT Pullup Jump Shot
2018-12-02UTA 100 MIA 102Q4 0:20UTA 100 MIA 1002PT0.4550.7990.344MISSMISS Mitchell 1' Driving Finger Roll Layup
2018-12-02UTA 100 MIA 102Q4 0:01UTA 100 MIA 1023PT0.0270.8400.813MISSMISS Mitchell 24' 3PT Jump Shot
2019-01-25MIN 102 UTA 106Q4 0:47MIN 102 UTA 1032PT0.6420.8700.228MISSMISS Mitchell 10' Fadeaway Jumper