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Shooting Performance in "Clutch Squared" Situations for D'Angelo Russell (background)
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Russell shot 38.9% (eFG) on "clutch squared" field goals, compared to a league average of 40.0%:

Win Probability if:
2016-12-27UTA 102 LAL 100Q4 0:03UTA 102 LAL 1003PT0.0440.7600.716MISSMISS Russell 26' 3PT Jump Shot
2017-01-15DET 102 LAL 97Q4 0:56DET 96 LAL 953PT0.3030.7420.438MISSMISS Russell 27' 3PT Jump Shot
2017-01-31DEN 116 LAL 120Q4 0:43DEN 113 LAL 1142PT0.6470.8780.231MAKERussell 17' Pullup Jump Shot
2017-02-28CHA 109 LAL 104Q4 1:45CHA 100 LAL 982PT0.2320.4210.189MISSMISS Russell 2' Driving Layup
2017-03-05NOP 105 LAL 97Q4 1:32NOP 99 LAL 973PT0.2190.5660.347MISSMISS Russell 26' 3PT Jump Shot
2017-03-12PHI 118 LAL 116Q4 0:25PHI 113 LAL 1123PT0.2590.7950.536MISSMISS Russell 30' 3PT Jump Shot
2017-03-24MIN 119 LAL 130Q4 0:22MIN 109 LAL 1093PT0.4560.9070.451MISSMISS Russell 25' 3PT Step Back Jump Shot
2017-04-07SAC 94 LAL 98Q4 0:41SAC 92 LAL 912PT0.2830.5960.313MAKERussell 1' Driving Finger Roll Layup
2017-04-09MIN 109 LAL 110Q4 0:02MIN 109 LAL 1073PT0.0280.8290.801MAKERussell 25' 3PT Jump Shot